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More Changes to Google Places

Google has just made another of its regular major changes to the way the company displays its search results pages. This time there have been some minor changes in location of different graphic elements. For example, they moved the "upside-down teardrop markers" from...

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The Results Are In, Your Website Has Cancer

Today I had to tell someone that their website has cancer. In retrospect, I’m glad we found the cancer because now we can treat it. As you know cancer that is untreated can be life threatening. In the web world, a website with cancer can get you banned from Google, A...

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Make Sure Your Content is King

If you’ve spent any time in SEO circles you’ve probably heard the expression “Content is King.” That’s because search engines are all about content – their job is to find it, index it, and match it as closely as possible to the search intentions of their users.  But...

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Are Web Designer Backlinks Undermining SEO?

Are Web Designer Backlinks Undermining SEO? Yes.  Those ubiquitous "Website designed by" backlinks undermine SEO results by sapping page authority, displaying unrelated anchor text and linking to irrelevant websites. Sapping Page Authority Every followed hyperlink...

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SEO can be very simple

The following article was provided by Brandon Na, an SEO in Seattle and Business Development Officer of the Seattle SEO Network. You’ve all heard the saying “Life is like a box a chocolates” from the very popular movie “Forrest Gump” right? Well, my saying for SEO is...

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Accurate Rank Checking

Google had a major SERP layout change in November 2010. This means that there are hundreds if not thousands of potential SERP configurations with little predictability from keyword-to-keyword and week-to-week. Automated RC (Rank Checking) tools include Firefox add-on...

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New Google Analytics — New Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Version 5, the new version of GA, has been rolled out in all markets and languages worldwide.   Major new features of the release include: A new and faster user interface More powerful custom reports Multiple configurable dashboards Event Goals...

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Three Beginner Guides to SEO

I find myself disappearing into the world of SEO for days, sometimes weeks, before I stick my head out. As an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) I do everything in my power to achieve first-page rankings for my clients. This means continual education and constant learning....

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