Published November 20, 2011

How to Organize Keywords for Existing Content

By gabriel.gervelis

Today’s SEOmoz’s White Board Friday post decided to dive into a very common problem that websites encounter while developing strategies for keyword targeting- how to organize it! Often times the SEO person is not involved in content creation and therefore, they are unable to choose what content needs be existing on the website and what content needs to be targeting which keywords. Sound familiar? Well thanks to Rand Fish, we can rethink our current strategies and brainstorm a new organizational tactic.

Here are the steps that Rand dives into:

1. Keyword Targeting

First, you need to establish a complete list of all the keywords you are targeting on the site. This list will provide the stepping stone for acknowledging your site’s main focus.

2. Map out your Keywords

On each page you will need to decide whether you are going to use multiple or singular keywords. You need to remember to pay attention to the users intent on the page and try not to use so many keywords that you create a topic so broad that you fail to serve the users. It’s usually best to use only one keyword and that keywords synonyms.

Create a map of keywords based on:

– Relevance: does the page serve the needs of the user and the keyword phrase they are searching.
– User intent: make sure you have a clear understanding of exactly what the user wants from the page.
– Conversion Goals: on each page what are you tracking for your conversions. Are they signing up for your email list? Filling out a web form?

3. Build Content that Makes Searchers Happy

The keywords may bring the searcher to the page, but the content is what keeps the searcher on the site. It’s important to always remember this and think about what the user needs from your site and how you can easily present the information to them.


Check out the full video here:


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