Published June 4, 2013

In-house SEO vs SEO Agency – Which to Hire?


In-house SEO vs SEO Agency – Which to Hire?

To hire an SEO or not to hire an SEO?  That is the question!  Lets compare an In-house SEO versus an SEO agency, and the unique attributes that apply to each.  Neither is superior to the other, but if you’ve been struggling with which to hire this post will help you decide.

Currently I am working as an In-house SEO for a medium sized company targeting a very specific market.   In the past, this company had contracted with a few SEO agencies, in hopes of increasing its lead inquiries through web traffic.  Although their traffic increased, the quality of traffic did not.  It seemed the company’s budget would run dry before the SEO took effect!  Although you might infer a lack of patience, their conclusion was the agency was unable to understand their business or buyers thoroughly enough.  They chose to have someone in-house who could commit to understanding their customer full-time.

This is just one example of how an In-house SEO was more beneficial for a business.  This story might differ at your company depending on your goals and objectives.  To help you make your own decision, let’s compare the differences.


Why hire an In-house SEO?

  • An in-house SEO has the ability to truly “get to know” your business and everyone in the company.  The right SEO will make decisions that achieve your marketing objectives faster.


  • Your company can expect a faster turnaround with an In-house SEO.  When an immediate solution is required, the In-house SEO can meet face-to-face with team members for implementation discussions.


  • An In-house SEO has the opportunity to teach SEO skills and share information directly with all teams, face-to-face.  Teaching enables all teams to identify unique strategic opportunities that may not have been recognized without the learned SEO knowledge.


  • Your company’s success is the SEO’s only focus, 100%.


  • SEO is not one person.   A good In-house SEO will have the resources to build a team based on specific tasks and needs for the business, leaving time to manage good strategy.


  • Your In-house SEO is responsible for your company’s SEO!  His or her only job is to seek changes, maintenance, impressions and advancements.  SEO advancement is what they rely on to work at your company.   In one word – dedicated!


Why hire an agency for SEO?

Unlike my company, some companies are ill equipped for an everyday marketing team.  If you do not have the heads to manage the work in-house contracting an agency is a great solution.

  • An SEO agency has the ability to view your business from the outside.  It is the same concept as the artist who cannot grasp why his painting does not look just right.  It is because he has been looking at it for too long!  The artist can no longer distinguish where to add fine details and colors which would define his masterpiece.  Inside an agency, your company might work with multiple SEOs.  As a result, your business is always receiving a fresh perspective and opportunity to observe those tiny details that can produce greater results.


  • An agency can quickly expand your online business.  Depending on which agency you hire, they might already be leaders in other areas of web development: design, user interface (UI), user experience (UX) or social media.  Choose an agency that has expertise in many fields to grow your business into something fruitful.


  • Although your communications with an agency might only be with a handful of the team- do not be fooled.  They are surrounded by an abundance of educated, experienced marketers at your service.


  • You should feel confident working with an agency.  A good agency will have a proven successful record of accomplishment that builds trust.


  • Ey’ Fuggetaboutit!  Leave the day- to-day project management to the agency.The SEO Italian family


What next?

If you are still undecided whether to pick in-house SEO or an SEO agency, there is always the option to combine the two.  Andre Apar did a great comparison of hiring an In-house SEO or SEO agency in his post.  He concluded that collaboration between the two is the ideal SEO situation.  Ask an agency, and they will admit that it is much easier to work with a client that employs an In-house SEO.  This collaboration translates into cost savings, making your budget happy.  Make time to figure out which option works for your business.  Shop around.   Whomever you choose, ensure that their goals align with yours.


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If you have any other great tips about hiring an SEO or an SEO Agency please share them in the comments below.

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