Published October 25, 2011

Crowdsource Content Strategy Reduces PPC Spend by $15,000

By gabriel.gervelis

Some days doctors have to tell patients bad news, then in the same day, they might deliver amazingly good news to a different patient. The life of a search marketer is not much different. For example, today I had to tell someone that their website has cancer. I know what you are thinking, and yes, websites can get cancer. But, I also had the honor to tell someone that  our services saved them $1,350 on their monthly PPC marketing budget or, $16,200 annually.

The 6 month goal

Reduce per per click ad spend by 50%, from $8,000 per month to $4,000 per month.

Digital Marketing (Search/Social) Case Study

Before we started the Content Fuel campaign the client was experiencing the below traffic, conversion rate, and lead conversions. NOTE: In April the conversion rate doubled. This is due a to successful social media campaign executed from one of our social media partners. This campaign took the Facebook fan following  from under 100 to over 800. Once the “like” button on our clients website hit 500, the conversion rate from organic traffic doubled.

Benchmark of Organic Non Branded Traffic

Conversion TrackingOur Google Adwords campaign reports a cost per lead of $45.

Our content strategy team set a 6 month target, this way we can have a clear vision on what campaign success looks like. Below is our campaign projections (based on data before the social media generated spike before April).

Digital Marketing Best Practices

Results after two months of long tail keyword optimized content publishing


Content publishing started in mid May. Each month the campaign content strategy was optimized based on the results. Due to the monthly trend of progress, and the proven increase of 34 leads, using the value per lead of $45, we made the recommendation of reducing the daily ad spend by $45 per day, or $1,350 monthly.

It’s amazing what the power of content can do. However, I have to give credit to the social media team. If the website did not get the creditability booster that generated a 2%+ conversion rate, our content would not have achieved the results that we are seeing! The above case proves that content powers digital strategy. Also, in today’s digital ecosystem all channels are connected.

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