Published October 25, 2011

Long Tail Keyword Marketing Through Predictive Analysis and Crowdsourcing

By gabriel.gervelis

Some say that 70% of all searches conducted on search engines contain more than 6 words, these are known as long tail keywords. Traditional keyword research tools do not expose long tail keywords. Over the last few months I have developed a method to trend long tail keywords using predictive analysis, than powering the results using crowdsourcing content generation methods. The results speak for themselves, check out our case study for more information.

Predicting The Long Tail

A few years ago we created a tattoo removal brand named Blink Tattoo Removal. Currently this concept is our testing ground for online marketing theory. One day when sorting through our Google Analytics organic keyword data I started to notice trends in the keywords. For example, I kept seeing colors appear. Keywords like “remove my blue tattoo” or ” I have a blue and pink tattoo of a butterfly on my shoulder and I want it removed”  kept appearing.

After sorting through hundreds (if not thousands) of keywords I clearly saw the majority of our long tail keyword traffic falling into several buckets.

People search for tattoo removal services by:

  • Color of the tattoo
  • Tattoo’s location on the body
  • What the tattoo is of (person’s name, animal)

Knowing this trend I created a content publishing theory that targeted these long tail keyword trends.

Utilizing Crowdsourcing to Generate Content and Power a Long Tail Keyword Campaign

After several hours of brainstorming, the marketing team at Blink Digital Health identified that our patient’s stories are our gold. Using a survey method we asked our patients these 5 questions:

  1. Why do you want to remove your tattoo
  2. What color is your tattoo
  3. How long ago did you get your tattoo
  4. Where on your body is your tattoo
  5. What is your tattoo of

Before we knew it (because of our 6 locations) we were capturing hundreds of survey submissions each month. The next step was to use our crowdsourcing technology to engage writers to turn each patient story into a full blog post. Each month we publish 30 to 50 fully optimized patient stories.

The results? A 250% increase in organic traffic to the site.

Content Fuel – Long Tail Keyword Marketing Strategy

EUREKA! Our predictive analysis research can also be used to identify YOUR long tail keyword market. Backed by a crowdsourcing solution for content generation, and a search engine optimization team, Content Fuel came to life. As long as there is a long tail keyword market we can craft our content strategy to dominate it!

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