Published October 25, 2011

The Single Most Important Part of SEO – The Silver Bullet

By gabriel.gervelis

Yes! After almost 10 years of practicing SEO I finally found the single most important part of SEO. Some say that their is no silver bullet in SEO, others have spent their entire career searching for it.  I have heard stories of companies signing up for every link building service they could find, jumping on board with every SEO package they learned about VIA email, but all they needed was a silver bullet.

In some cases, getting to the top of the search engines is war! Take no prisoners, pull out the dirty tricks, screw Guantanamo bay and the Geneva convention, we are going to do whatever it takes to become #1 on a SERP. However, wars are not won because you have the best weapon (you can argure that point), wars are won through strategy, teamwork, and determination.

Google changes their algorithm often, this is no secret. But why does Google embark on numerous changes every year? Well, the answers simple. To keep the crap out of the result listings. After all of these changes Googl’s goal is the same, to display the best content to a user when a search is conducted. In short, to give people what they are searching for. It’s Google’s job to display only the BEST content at any given time.

What is your take away from this concept? It’s simple, you need to become the best. No SEO company can do that for you, no consultant can snap their fingers and make you the best. It’s your drive that will make you number one, it’s your mission statement that drives value in the hearts of your patients and customers. Make no mistake, we (marketing people) can show you the doors and build the foundation, but it’s up to you to make it happen.

So there I was one night. Not knowing that the holy grail of SEO was about to find me. I had no clue that everything that I every knew about SEO and digital marketing was about to be summed up in a few short words. In fact, I bet you didn’t know, the silver bullet of SEO found me in the form of a tweet. That’s right, 140 characters floated through cyberspace, knocked on my door, entered my mind, the light the light bulbs. And you know what the funny thing is, I always knew what it was. It was right their in front of my face this whole time. I guess the question is, now that the mud in the water has cleared, what are we going to do with the fresh water?

May I  Present To You, The Silver Bullet of SEO, In The Form of A Tweet.


silver bullet of seo

“Process is how big companies function. Want to influence change in enterprise SEO? Change the process”

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