Published January 21, 2013

SEO/Analytics related events of interest to SSN members

By Jefe

Web Analytics Day 2013 1/25/13

Web Analytics is a crucial skill that savvy businesses use to drive higher customer satisfaction and profitability.  Join industry veterans and novices alike from around the Puget Sound to learn the basics about Web Analytics & Big Data, and where the industry is heading.  Lunch will be provided!

This event is designed for those who want to get an overall understanding of what Web Analytics is, how to apply Web Analytics to their business, or otherwise want to catch up on the latest trends in the industry.

Content will be presented in vendor-neutral way.  Any vendor solutions referenced will be geared towards painting an understanding of the various options available to solve certain problems.  No sponsorships are allowed.  Society Consulting is hosting this event to provide broad education & training for the Seattle market which ideally benefits all vendors and practitioners.

Presenters: Chad Richeson, Aaron Fossum, Chandra Chikkareddy, Ilya Buzytsky (Society Consulting)


Who Should Attend:

  • People Who Want to Understand What Web Analytics Is
  • People Who Understand Web Analytics But Need to Know How to Use It In Their Business
  • People Who Understand Web Analytics And Want To Learn More About Big Data



Part I: Using Web Analytics to Drive a Business (Chad Richeson)

  1. Why Analytics Matters
  2. How to Integrate Analytics with Business
  3. The Value of Multi-Channel Customer Analytics
  4. The Path to Predictive Analytics
  5. Org & Infrastructure Models
  6. How to Hire for Analytics


Part II: Web Analytics (Aaron Fossum)

  1. Client & Server-side Tagging
  2. How Web Data is Processed into Metrics
  3. Cookies & User Identification
  4. Tag Management
  5. Purchase Funnels & Conversion (Click Analytics)
  6. A/B Testing & Optimization
  7. Customer Lifecycle Analytics
  8. Mobile Analytics


Part III:  Big Data! (Chandra Chikkareddy, Ilya Buzytsky)

  1. What is Big Data?  (hint: Web Analytics Is Big Data)
  2. Introduction to Hadoop & the Hadoop Ecosystem
  3. Pairing Hadoop with BI Technologies
  4. Big Data Pipelines & Workflows
  5. Data Quality
  6. Great Use Cases for Big Data


Signifigance, Search & Information Architecture 2/12/13

Two brief talks from local search expertsRuth Burr of SEOMoz and Ian Lurie of Portent.

They’ll be speaking about the relationship of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Information Architecture and User Experience. So much of our work in IA & UX is about collaboration across departments and teams, so we invited people who really know SEO to speak directly to cross-discipline team work.


  • February 12, 2013 at Piecora’s Pizza in Capitol Hill: 1401 East Madison Street, Seattle, WA 98122
  • 7 pm Registration followed by two 20 minute presentations and Q&A with both speakers
  • Parking is available at the venue, but you should arrive early to find a place
  • Admission is $10 which includes both pizza and beverage. Additional donations are always welcome.

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