Published February 7, 2013

Tools to Check for Analytics Code Tags

By Carl Larson

Ever start working on a new site and suspect that Analytics tracking code is not installed properly on all pages of it?

Enter Google Tag Assistant, a great Chrome plugin that checks the presence & functioning of Google Tags on a particular page.


Screenshot- 2-6-2013 9.14.57 PM


Unfortunately, once you start using it you’ll start to wish for something that will check for the presence & functioning of all the other codes out there, like WebTrends, Omniture, CoreMetrics or Bing conversion code. Supposedly ObservePoint Tag Debugger does all this but it didn’t work for me. (Yes I set it up properly and checked the Dev Tools window) 🙁

The other big win would be to be able to use a tool to crawl an entire site (including Thank You pages, ideally) and check for all tags. There’s only a few options on this that I can find:

  1. Observepoint – expensive! $130+/mo for just one audit per month.
  2. Web Analytics Solution Profiler – These guys are even worse: $700 to be able to scan an entire site.
  3. Screaming Frog – SF has a free site crawl tool that works well for pulling site SEO data (URLs, titles, H1s, meta keywords, etc), although I like to actually merge its site crawls with the SEOmoz crawls. The paid version however, allows you to check an entire site for the presence of tracking codes on all pages. If configured properly, SF should be able to check for GA code, e-commerce code, adwords tracking code, Bing tracking code, GWT code, etc ~$150/yr. Downside is you must configure and test yourself.

Anyone heard of another tool that can do this? Anyone setup Screaming Frog to check this stuff? Help out your fellow SEOs!


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