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How Social Signals Affect SEO

What if you could foresee the future of Search Engine Optimization? And what if you knew that the landscape of SEO would be forever altered by the influence of Social Media? If you walk in the world of SEO as we now know it, then you’ve heard the chatter about the...

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How to Organize Keywords for Existing Content

Today’s SEOmoz’s White Board Friday post decided to dive into a very common problem that websites encounter while developing strategies for keyword targeting- how to organize it! Often times the SEO person is not involved in content creation and therefore,...

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The Results Are In, Your Website Has Cancer

Today I had to tell someone that their website has cancer. In retrospect, I’m glad we found the cancer because now we can treat it. As you know cancer that is untreated can be life threatening. In the web world, a website with cancer can get you banned from Google, A...

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Three Beginner Guides to SEO

I find myself disappearing into the world of SEO for days, sometimes weeks, before I stick my head out. As an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) I do everything in my power to achieve first-page rankings for my clients. This means continual education and constant learning....

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